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  • This site is meant for people with common sense and humor who can deal with sarcasm, irony and cynicism. Think carefully before you take something that was posted here at face value. Furthermore, it contains some things that are only suitable for an adult audience. If you're a minor, please go somewhere else.

    Before you do anything here, familiarize yourself with the rules.
    Think you can do that?

    Upload Rules
    Use an appropriate title for your uploads.
    Very important: Tag your uploads!

    Do not post pictures with similar content in a row. Full sets can be posted in the comments.

    About Content
    No links to illegal material like warez, movie/music downloads, fraud sites.
    No doxxing (real names, photos, nude-selfies, etc) of private persons.
    No affiliate shit, ref- or links to pay sites and watermarked images.
    No dumb racism. Feel free to express your opinion, but not like a stupid child.

    About Comments
    Basically as above. No flaming or harassing other members.
    If you don't like someone, use the ignore function.
    To make it short, don't act like a dick.

    About Porn
    Sexy girls, light nudity, funny pics -> YES
    Artistic photography of explicit content -> YES
    But please don't post hardcore on the board.
    Exeption are memes, but don't push it.

    About Gore
    First of all this is NOT a gore site.
    Shockpics are allowed, but please don't flood the board.
    Make sure to blur your pics, not everybody likes this shit.

    About Anime/Manga and so on
    There are two kinds of people: The ones who love that stuff and those who simply don't get it.
    So please do all of us the favor and keep it where it belongs... hidden somewhere on your HD.

    Repeated violations of these rules may result in temporary or permanent account suspensions or limitations.

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